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【What should we pay attention to in the operation of desktop high speed refrigerated centrifuges?】

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Desktop high-speed freezing centrifuge is a special instrument for separating and precipitating mixed solution by centrifugal force. desktop high-speed freezing centrifuge is an indispensable tool in laboratory separation and preparation. Its highest speed can reach 25000 rpm and the maximum centrifugal force can reach 89000 G. This kind of centrifuge usually has cooling equipment with a cooling chamber. Temperature control is measured by a thermocouple installed in the chamber. High-speed freezing centrifuges have several internal changeable angular or flattening heads, which are mostly used to collect microbial cell debris, large organelles and some sediments.

Tabletop high speed refrigerated centrifuge precautions

1. When the desktop high-speed freezing centrifuge is in the precooling state, the centrifuge cover must be closed. After centrifugation, the revolving head should be inverted on the test bench to dry the residual water in the chamber, and the centrifuge cover should be opened.

2. When centrifuging, the liquid must be filled with centrifugal tube, and vacuum should be pumped when it is out of the centrifugal tube. Only when it is filled can the deformation of centrifugal tube be avoided. If the cover of the centrifuge tube is not well sealed, the liquid can not be filled to prevent overflow, which will affect the normal operation of the inductor.

3. Turn head cover can be placed on the platform of centrifuge when precooling, or on the experimental platform, must not tighten and float on the turn head, because once the wrong start, turn head cover will fly out, causing an accident!

4. After tightening the cap, you must touch the gap between the cap and the cap with your finger. If there is a gap, you must tighten it again and tighten it until it is confirmed that there is no gap before starting the centrifuge.

5. use the grounding wire when using. The material added in the centrifugal tube should be relatively balanced. If the two sides are unbalanced, it will cause great damage to the centrifuge and at least shorten the service life of the centrifuge.

6. In the process of centrifugation, the operator must not leave the centrifuge room, once an abnormal situation occurs, the operator can not turn off the power supply (POWER), to press STOP. Fill in the centrifuge usage record before pre cooling.