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Our company is responsible for the repair of the products sold, and the whole machine is guaranteed for 1 years. The main accessories (motor) for 5 years, compressor quality for 3 years, (except for human factors damage), the warranty period of three packages of service, the warranty period only charge for the cost of work, equipment for life maintenance. The specific maintenance methods are the following:

1, equipment fault warranty response time: 24 hours a day, Monday to Saturday 8:00-17:30 personnel maintenance. After service telephone: 0731-88272873, 0731-88627458.

2, door-to-door maintenance: after receiving the user's maintenance requirements, in 4 hours to give a reply, and do registration, the company will send a qualified maintenance personnel in 48 hours to the user on-site maintenance service.

Back to factory maintenance: according to the equipment information provided by the customer, the company will be required to return to the factory for repair when it needs special tools and specific conditions. After the sale of products exceeds the warranty period, the company will tour maintenance every year.

3. Technical training: the company will arrange training for the engineer to arrive after the arrival of the goods. After the warranty period, the company regularly organizes the centrifuge maintenance training class to explain the working principle of the centrifuge and the maintenance of the common faults. For example, the trainees who need training can contact our company.

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