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【Desktop centrifuge can be used for many purposes】

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The desktop high-speed centrifuge can be decomposed and read according to the literal meaning, first of all, desktop, secondly, high-speed, and finally centrifuge, through this way of interpretation can be understood as desktop high-speed centrifuge is a combination of desktop centrifuge and high-speed centrifuge.

The machine uses AC variable frequency motor to accelerate faster. Electronic door lock, high safety. It is a special equipment for medical and health care to separate urine. It can also be equipped with a variety of capacity of centrifugal pipe rack to do other test liquid separation. It is a special and multi-equipment separation equipment of choice.

The desktop centrifuge shell is made of steel structure and stainless steel inner mirror, which is clean and durable.

Due to the machining and installation errors of the rotor of a desktop high-speed refrigeration centrifuge, the centroid of the rotor deviates from the main shaft of the centrifuge to varying degrees. When the rotor rotates, it will vibrate. At a certain speed, it will resonate with the natural frequency of the centrifuge drive system, thus causing a strong vibration of the whole system. The speed at the time of image is called critical speed.

The critical speed is related to the rotor used in centrifuge. A desktop high-speed centrifuge can be equipped with multiple rotors. If one rotor is used, it is a degree of freedom system with a critical speed. If we use two rotors, that is two degrees of freedom system, we have two critical speeds. And so on. In the critical speed, the minimum critical speed is called the first critical speed, which is two order, three order and so on. The speed range of the centrifuge is very wide. The higher the speed when the centrifuge resonance occurs, the greater the danger. When centrifuge design is concerned, the vibration of centrifuges should be taken into consideration.

In order to avoid excessive vibration of the centrifuge, the balance accuracy of the rotor should be improved as far as possible. More importantly, the working speed of the centrifuge should be far away from the natural frequency of the centrifuge, that is, the working speed should be far away from the critical speed. In centrifuge design, it is very important to calculate the critical speed.

Desktop high-speed centrifuge has the functions of timing, speed and stop alarm, reasonable air duct design, small temperature rise, effective protection of samples, so that the temperature uniformity in the workroom changes little, using colorful liquid crystal display, AC frequency conversion motor, maintenance-free, pollution-free, motor use imported bearings, reduce noise and prolong the life of the instrument. Life; unique three-point flexible support to reduce vibration and noise; desktop high-speed centrifuge using high-quality rubber door sealing performance is good; caller recovery function. It has the double protection of electronic door lock and mechanical door lock, even though the desktop high-speed centrifuge can open the door freely and open the door automatically.