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【Centrifuge use method】

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Centrifuges can separate, concentrate and purify the samples such as emulsion and suspension. It can be used to separate biological cells, lymph and enzymes, and is widely used in basic research fields such as clinical medicine, biochemistry and immunology. It is one of the necessary equipment in laboratories, biochemistry and pharmaceutical industries.

Main structure and characteristics:

The centrifuge is made up of frame, centrifugal chamber, drive system, control system and rotor etc. It is directly driven by high-performance variable-frequency motor. The rubber spring damping two-stage shock absorber is used to damp the vibration. The noise of the centrifuge is 5-10 dB lower than that of the same type of machine. The rotating speed and time are controlled by a full digital microcomputer. The centrifugal force can be set directly to start the rotor running, and the operating parameters used by users can be automatically memorized. When the keyboard is operated, the LCD screen above the button displays the working state. A large LCD screen with backlight ensures that the display results can be viewed clearly from a long distance when in use. The user interface is friendly and the user is simple and clear when using.

A set of perfect alarm and protection functions, such as overspeed protection, speed measurement protection, operation error alarm, are added to the design. During the operation of the machine, the buzzer will issue a "beep-beep" sound to remind the operator to pay attention when the "over-rated speed", "timing time to", "down to zero" and "the machine has an abnormal speed" and so on.

After setting the centrifugal parameters correctly, turn off the "power supply" and the program will save the centrifugal parameters into memory chip. The centrifuge operation is so simple that it can be accomplished with just one click of the START button at a time, even if the machine is powered off and restarted (automatically remembering the parameters of the last centrifuge).

In summary, this model has the characteristics of simple operation, low noise, high measurement and control accuracy, simple maintenance, high reliability, good safety, long service life, operation and control functions can be customized by users, and software upgrade. The comprehensive performance index of the machine has reached the international advanced level.


Centrifuges should be placed on a solid working surface. The working environment should be dry and clean. The height of the work surface is about 0.65M. The rear part of the machine is not less than 10cm away from the wall, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the machine.

When installing the rotor, please put a little grease on the cone surface of the rotor shaft to protect the rotor shaft from being rusted by dampness caused by pollution and to make the rotor easy to load and unload. After the rotor is installed on the shaft, the locking screw is compressed with the locking screw. When the screw is locked with the wrench, the appropriate force should be exerted, and the excessive force should not be exerted to avoid damaging the locking screw.

When the centrifuge tube is loaded into the pipe rack, it must be placed symmetrically, and the sample quantity in each centrifuge tube should be equal.

One of the following situations is not allowed to start.

The rotor is not locked by locking rod.

Rotor load is asymmetrical and unbalanced (centrifugal tube has a big difference in sample weight, centrifugal tube is asymmetrical placed).

• the pre selected speed exceeds the maximum rotor speed of the rotor.

The door is not covered.

When the rotor is corroded, cracked or exceeded the shelf life of the rotor.

The power supply voltage is too high or too low, exceeding 70% of the standard.

Because the model does not have a refrigeration system, the temperature in the centrifugal chamber will gradually increase during the centrifugal process. In order not to damage your analysis sample, please set a warning temperature. If the warning temperature is lower than the actual temperature in the centrifugal chamber, the temperature protection, the machine automatically stops running.

Maintenance and precautions

The machine should be placed in a dry and clean place. Moisture and dust will damage the machine and shorten its service time.

After centrifugal work is completed every day, the rotor should be removed, ventilated and dried after cleaning, and avoid collision with hard or sharp objects and scratch the rotor body. Because the centrifugal chamber is easy to gather moisture, the shaft usually to be coated with a layer of grease moisture-proof, the machine is not normally used, it is best to open the door cover, in order to emit moisture in the centrifugal chamber.

If the centrifugal tube is broken or the separating liquid falls into the test tube sleeve and the air cover, it must be cleaned and wiped in time, especially the bottom of the test tube sleeve.

Regular inspection of the rotor has no corrosion point, small cracks, inspection before use is more necessary to ensure the use of safety.

If abnormal vibration and noise occur during the operation of a centrifuge, indicating that the rotor load is asymmetrical or the weight of the test solution is too large, the centrifuge should be stopped immediately, and the load of the rotor should be checked to see if the rotor is symmetrical and whether the weight deviation of the test solution is too large. If it is still not normal, you need to check with professional and technical personnel.

Maintenance and service life of rotor

Regular inspection of the inner and outer surface oxides of the rotor and centrifugal pipe, if there is stripping corrosion or serious scratches, cracks, should stop using.

After the centrifugal work is finished every day, wipe the residual liquid and water from the inner and outer surfaces of the centrifugal chamber, wind shield and test tube sleeve with clean soft cloth, and dry them for use.

When using rotor and centrifugal cup, collision damage should be avoided.

Temporary rotor and centrifuge tubes should be removed from centrifuge chamber and stored in clean and dry place.

The working life of the rotor is limited. The working life of all kinds of rotors used in this machine is five years (that is, the shelf life of the rotors is five years) under the condition of strictly observing the operation method and maintenance requirements of the rotors. The shelf life of the rotor is calculated from the date of the factory. When the rotor is corroded, corrosion spots and micro-cracks will occur. The joint action of corrosion and centrifugal force will greatly weaken the strength of the rotor and shorten the rotation.