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【How to choose centrifuges】

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According to the size of centrifuge: can be divided into landing centrifuge and desktop centrifuge, landing centrifuge placed directly on the ground; desktop centrifuge placed on the experimental platform; the larger the size of centrifuge, represents the larger the centrifugal chamber, then the greater the centrifugal capacity. For example, CL8R super large capacity refrigerated centrifuge
According to the requirements of temperature control, it can be divided into two types: refrigerated centrifuge and room temperature centrifuge. This mainly depends on the needs of experimental samples, some samples (such as proteins, cells, etc.) will be destroyed when the temperature is too high, so the choice of frozen centrifuge, the current frozen centrifuge temperature range is generally between - 20 ~40%.

According to the speed: can be divided into low-speed centrifuge, high-speed centrifuge and ultra-high-speed centrifuge three kinds, generally 10,000 revolutions below the low-speed centrifuge, 10,000 revolutions to 30,000 revolutions above the high-speed off machine, rotational speed greater than 30,000 revolutions for ultra-high-speed centrifuge (at present no domestic enterprises involved in production).

According to different rotor classification: can be divided into angular rotor and horizontal rotor, angular rotor is a fixed angle with the axis, after centrifugal sample precipitation in the bottom of the centrifugal tube and the side wall; horizontal rotor at rest is vertical state, running up after the hanging basket is in a horizontal state, with the rotating shaft into a right angle, with horizontal rotation Sub centrifugation, the general samples concentrate the precipitation at the bottom of the centrifuge tube. Usually, low-speed machines are equipped with more horizontal rotors, the use of high-speed centrifuges are required to use angle rotor to achieve more than 10,000 revolutions.