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【How to ensure stable and efficient operation of low temperature centrifuge】

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Cryogenic centrifuges use specially designed rotating heads and optical detection systems to continuously monitor the sedimentation process of substances in a centrifugal field, thereby determining their physical properties. They are used to collect microorganisms, cell fragments, cells, large organelles, sulfuric acid precipitates and immune precipitates, and are widely used in modern times. Among the major biochemical laboratories.

To ensure stable and efficient operation of cryogenic centrifuges, it includes the following points:

1. The ground should be smooth and firm: For large centrifuges, the floor should be firmly moved at the installation site to ensure the normal operation of the centrifuge rotor, not sunken in, the ground should be flat and firm at the installation and fixation.

2. Find a good level: Find a more accurate small level ruler, centrifuge cover open, in the spindle level, by adjusting the four casters next to the adjustment bolt screw to find a good level, pay attention to one foot can not fall.

3. Power Voltage: Voltage fluctuation should meet the national standard of +10%, otherwise centrifuge of some manufacturers can not operate normally. If the voltage fluctuation is above this, it is recommended to use a regulator to meet this grid.

4, the ground wire should be tight: the wiring of the room's power supply should meet the requirements. China is a three-phase four wire system. Three-phase is the three-phase of industrial electricity, when using three-phase electricity, zero line and ground line are separated, more importantly, whether it is three-phase industrial electricity or general single-phase electricity, ground wire should be reliable, in order to avoid leakage of electricity, ground wire can not be connected to heating pipes, tap water pipes.

5. There should be no corrosive gas and electromagnetic interference around the cryogenic centrifuge to prevent premature failure of the protective layer of the instrument and interference to the electrical components.