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ELITIST 26K-R Vertical high speed freezer centrifuge

Download the product parameters
Category Parameter
Maximum speed 26,000rpm
Maximum centrifugal force 6,3327×g
Maximum capacity 4×1000ml
Timing range 0~9h59min
Speed precision ±50rpm
Temperature -20℃~+40℃
Size 73×84.3×94cm
Weight 260kg
Noise level ≤68dB(A)
Power Supply 220V/50Hz 5KW
Temp Accuracy ±1℃

Product characteristics:

1. maintenance free AC variable frequency motor speed regulation, high precision, ultra low noise;

2. blue background liquid crystal: speed, centrifuge remaining time, centrifugal cavity temperature, maximum centrifugal force, accumulative running time, fault display, dynamic inertia detection to increase the safety of operator. The rotor has self locking function, and it is safe and reliable.

3. speed timing function: running time starts from setting speed; rotor automatic identification system.

4. electric lock cover device, to achieve the best operation performance;

5. speed, centrifugal force, time and temperature can be set.

6.10 types and deceleration presupposition curves;

7. temperature range: -20 C to +40 C, intelligent standby cooling function, ensure that the centrifuge, even at the highest speed, can reliably refrigerate the sensitive samples, and keep the centrifuge sample temperature less than 4 degrees C;

8. widely used in pharmaceutical, biological products, central blood stations and other fields.