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【ELITIST5K Vertical low speed centrifuge】

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Product characteristics:

1. maintenance free AC variable frequency motor speed regulation, high precision, ultra low noise;

2. blue background liquid crystal: velocity, centrifugal residual time, centrifugal chamber temperature, maximum centrifugal force, cumulative running time and fault indication.

3. fixed speed timing function: running time starts from setting speed.

4. electric lock cover device, to achieve the best operation performance;

5.10 presupposition curves of acceleration and deceleration;

6. air cooled centrifuge can effectively reduce the temperature rise during centrifugal process.

7. automatic balance, no balance;

8. electronic unbalanced monitoring and protection;

9. it can be equipped with laboratory biosafety module, which can effectively prevent the diffusion and inhalation of microbial aerosol.

10. automatic hat removal function, unique double layer adapter design, not only can centrifuge 3ml/5ml two standard vacuum blood collection, but also can avoid cap phenomenon.