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【A survey of the research and development of centrifuges at home and abroad】

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In the industrial production, the centrifuge is basically a post processing equipment, which is mainly used for the process of dehydration, concentration, separation, clarification, purification and classification of solid particles. It is developed with the development of various industrial sectors. For example, after the industrial revolution in eighteenth Century, with the rapid development of the textile industry, cotton dehydrator appeared in 1836. In 1877, a separator for milk separation was developed to meet the needs of the cheese processing industry. After twentieth Century, with the development of comprehensive oil utilization, water, solid impurities and tar like materials were removed so as to make heavy oil used as fuel oil. In 50s, the disc piston slag separation separator with automatic slag discharge was developed and developed into a complete series of products by 60s. With the need of the development of modern environmental protection and the development of the treatment of three wastes, the requirements for the dewatering of industrial waste water and sludge are very high. Therefore, the horizontal spiral discharge settling centrifuge, disc separator and three foot lower unloading settling centrifuge have been further developed, especially the development of horizontal spiral unloading centrifuge. Especially fast. Now, in the separation equipment of synthetic plastics (PVC, polypropylene) and synthetic fiber (Polyterephthalate two fat), spiral centrifuge has become one of the key equipment.

The first spiral centrifuge, which has a real and practical value in China, was made in 1954. Because of its unique continuous operation, large amount of processing, less power consumption per unit and adaptability and so on, it has developed rapidly. In the development of more than 40 years, the structure, performance and parameters have changed greatly, separation quality and production. With continuous improvement and wide application scope, it has been playing an important role in the field of centrifuges. Helix centrifuges are the most attractive types of centrifuges on display at various international exhibitions. They have good prospects for development.

Since the end of 70s, China has introduced spiral centrifuges to imitate various kinds of horizontal screw centrifuges produced by famous foreign companies. The snail centrifuge is the "75" science and technology project of the original Ministry of work. In 1989, the Nanjing oasis machine factory copied the ALFANx42 O-type big cone angle ((20) centrifuge (L201), used for the separation of corn protein and made the prototype in 1992. After that, the machinery factory of Jiangbei, the 4819th factory of the Liberation Army and the Jinhua railway machinery factory were developed and developed thereafter. A series of spiral discharge settling centrifuges have been successfully applied to production practice. However, as far as the overall level is concerned, China is still far behind developed countries. With the development of modern industrial civilization and the importance of human beings to the environment and the strategy of sustainable development, the separation effect is good, the low vibration and low noise become the important conditions for the centrifuge to be accepted by the market. This requires the centrifuge to have good dynamic characteristics. Usually, dynamic characteristics include critical speed, unbalance response and stability. Parameter selection and optimization of horizontal decanter centrifuge is the first step to improve the dynamic characteristics of horizontal centrifuge.

In order to improve the performance of the centrifuge, the common problems of centrifuges are tackled, and the main components are analyzed by finite element method. Some achievements have been achieved. Mainly: the finite element analysis software ANSYs of master Gu Wei of Beijing University of Chemical Technology is used to establish the parametric three-dimensional finite element model of the screw conveyor. The static analysis of the structure is carried out. The stress field and displacement field of the screw conveyor under various load conditions are obtained, and the spiral conveyer is checked by the analysis and design method of pressure vessel. The radial stress of the helical blade is investigated. It lays the foundation for the optimal design of the structure.

Cai Xianxin, senior engineer of China's aviation industry, proposed a method of elastic-plastic analysis of the integral centrifugal impeller with distributary blades by using the method of shell element and ring element. The blade is simulated with shell element, wheel body is simulated with axisymmetric ring element, and the double coordination condition is approximately satisfied at the junction of impeller and wheel body. The relative calculation formula is derived, and three examples are calculated. The results show that the method is accurate and time-saving.

Yuan Fucai, an engineer of the mechanical and Electrical Engineering College of Harbin Engineering University, analyzed the force situation of the material in the centrifuge of the snail centrifuge, and deduced the calculation formula of the torque of the spiral push material, and took it as the objective function and the requirement of the process as the constraint condition. The parameters of the wL 600 decanter centrifuge were carried out by using the complex optimization method in the optimization design theory. Through comprehensive analysis and quantitative selection, the C program for optimization is worked out to make the parameter determination work simple, convenient and reasonable.