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【Enter Xin Ao】

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Changsha Xinao Instrument Co., Ltd. and Hunan Gilson Technology Development Co., Ltd. are high-tech enterprises specializing in medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory centrifuges. A first-class R & D team, independent research and development design, can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. Our company attaches great importance to the versatility of centrifuges, and it can be used in one machine at the same time with supporting rotor and horizontal rotor at the same time. Rotor universality is the leading industry, saving capital, space and high cost performance. In line with the principle of safety first, centrifuges put safety first in the process of design and development to ensure the safety of production and research personnel.

The performance of Changsha Xin Ao centrifuge is stable and the running noise is small. The steel structure fuselage has beautiful appearance and safety. We are committed to research, build China's first-class centrifuge manufacturing enterprises, to create the world's leading level of famous brand centrifuge. Through years of efforts to develop the first domestic ultra-speed centrifuge to fill the domestic gap and obtain a number of national patents.